Presentación de “Flores en el camino a casa” de Tatiana Flores

Hoy Sinaí Arroyo ha entrevistado a mi hermana Tatiana Flores. Han estado hablando sobre su primer poemario trilingüe «Blumen auf dem Heimweg, Flores en el camino a casa, Flowers on the Way Home» y sobre su vida como escritora…

¡El poemario se puede adquirir en formato eBook en todas las tiendas Amazon!

Tatiana Flores

I’m glad to introduce to you my sister Tatiana Flores. This space is dedicated to my sister Tatiana Flores. She’s a great poet, as well as a passionate chess player and journalist.

She writes to make chess more popular and to give women in chess great visibility. That’s her way to fight for women’s rights and gender equality.

I might also say that, as a faithful admirer of her, I sincerely recommend her poetry book Blumen auf dem Heimweg, a beautiful collection of poems in German, Spanish and English.

To learn more about Tatiana you can check out her social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr) and her chess column on LizzyNet.

Melanie Flores Bernholz, 11.06.2021.